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Case Studies - Zodda College Services - Educational Consultants

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We make college planning work for you. Ultimately the right fit is our goal for you. Here are some of our student challenges and the solutions we found for them.

Uncovering the undetected and raising SAT scores

zodda college services - educational consultants - and independent college consulting firmThis student had a 3.75 cumulative GPA going into his junior year of high school. Yet, his PSAT results were less than stellar and did not reflect his capabilities. You might say he bombed the test. We posed a series of questions to him and the dialogue went something like this.

Judy: "Did you finish the test?
Student: "No"
Judy: "Do you routinely finish your tests at school?"
Student: "Yes".
Judy: "How did you manage this at school, but couldn't manage on the           PSAT?
Student: "Every teacher gives me extended time."
Judy: "Do you have a Learning Disability that I don't know about?
Student: "No, not that I know of."

At this point, I spoke with his mother and suggested we get some testing. We also recommended an SAT tutor to coach him on test-taking strategy. Interestingly, the tests revealed that there were some issues that had been undetected through his junior year in school. We were able to address his problems. Tutoring had a positive impact and he raised his scores 250 points on just the critical reading and math sections of the test. Just one more example of how an educational consultant helps.

Such a success story-U.S. News & World Report featured his story

zodda college services - educational consultants - and independent college consulting firmDaniel Crowley couldn't decide whether he should study art or music when he went to college. He was equally talented in both. His Mom thought he should study art because he would be more likely to get a job in art than in music. I asked, "What do you spend all of your spare time doing?" "Music, every minute I can." The decision was made and the rest is history. Click here to read U.S. News & World Report that features Daniel Crowley

There is one more piece to this story. Daniel's Mom was initially concerned for Daniel to go any further away than Boston because he has juvenile diabetes. I knew he had to expand his college search further than Boston if he was to maximize his music possibilities in college. I found a weekend camp that he could attend in the spring of his senior year, on living with juvenile diabetes after high school. There was also a one day "camp" for the parents that same weekend. By the time this weekend concluded, Daniel's family realized that he'd be fine going to college in another state. The entire process was one of growth and transformation for all involved.

Click here to read the testimonial from Daniel's Parents

Learning Differences didn't get in the way to college

A few years ago, I worked with a student-athlete. After only one session where he and I met one-on-one, I had some concerns about possible previously undetected learning differences. At this point, this student met the minimum requirements for admission to colleges.

When I spoke with the parents about my suspicions, they confirmed that their son had been diagnosed with Learning Disabilities early on in his school career. He had always been resistant to embracing strategies that would improve his learning efficiency, because he didn't want to be singled out as being "different." Actually, this is not an uncommon reaction.

We recommended professionals that would conduct testing in order to identify his current status. One of those professionals had developed a strategy for his specific learning differences and the student agreed to attend several sessions with good results. He began to understand his own learning style and he learned to advocate for himself. By the end of his junior year in school, his grades went up and he selected a more challenging curriculum. By the time he became a senior his grades continued to rise dramatically. Best of all -he was accepted Early Decision to his reach school, where he was also an athletic recruit. This fall he is playing on that college's Varsity team.

Working With a Student-Athlete: A Case Study

zodda college services - educational consultants - and independent college consulting firmA student-athlete, who was committed to playing his sport in college, came to Zodda College Services because he had no idea of how to approach the college recruiting process. We developed a strategy and timeline for him. We arranged for a videographer, a private coach and recommended sports camps that he could attend to continue to improve. ZCS also encouraged him to continue to play his sport both on school teams as well as teams outside of school.

We then developed a realistic college list for him. The results of our efforts paid-off big time. I take pride in saying that this student was actively recruited by several colleges and is playing on a DIII Varsity team.

zodda college services - educational consultants - and independent college consulting firm

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